Leave Laminitis in the Dust



In 2010 Al was foundering for 14 months straight with his coffin bone palpable from the bottom of his sole. With zero hope of recovery and a diagnosis to be euthanized, Pat Reynolds, Al’s owner decided to give Gooseberry a try.

Within 24 hours Al stopped foundering. Over the next 7 months Al began to grow strong hoof at the age of 24 years old and began to have regular trims. The bottom of his sole became the kind of hoof we horse owners dream of.  Al has never foundered again. His daily routine consist of 20 minutes of eating fresh grass. Some days he would buck, role and canter off.

Your donation today will help us to continue to create amazing Gooseberry Products that will help eliminate this crippling disease. The funds we need will help us purchase equipment, larger quantities of product ingredients to help keep cost down for customers, provide educational materials for clients. Please visit https://www.gofundme.com/heartbeatforhooves help us with your donation today.

We can not do this without you. Thank you for helping us with this great causeHeartbeats for Hooves.

Dr. Deb

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