Equine laminitis is a painful crippling and debilitating disease. Imagine having a way to seriously decrease the acute phases of this chronic problem. Dr. Deb has several keys to eliminating and minimizing equine laminitis. In this post she will hand you those keys to unlock the doors and reduce the myriad of frustration, confusion, heartbreaking diagnosis.

Through her research she has found that starches are a very good thing for your horse to eat. One key is to examine the type of starches you are feeding to your horse. The common theme is to feed horses empty calories, NSC (low), high volumes of by-product, soaking hay, muzzling your horse, watching the iron content, all the while adding 15 supplements in an effort to manage the problem. Bottom line…it doesn’t work.

Dr. Deb has developed a feed for your horse that is based on their metabolism and not their weight. The use of supplementation is minimal. Here are a few more keys to getting your horse back on track. Many horse owners have eliminated the chronic acute phase of laminitis with their horse and saved money doing it.


  • Feeding smaller portions of concentrated nutrition – Gooseberry Natural Feed is designed to aid in maximizing your horses digestion.
  • Use Gooseberry Cinnabalance at 1/8th teaspoon per day
  • Use Gooseberry Stomach Balance at 4oz per day over feed
  • Use Gooseberry Plus – 1 to 2lbs per day
  • If necessary add a fat but not more than 2-4oz per day – Gooseberry Digest-A-Fat
  • Call Dr. Deb for a personalized consult. 443 789 9943 consultation fee applies



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