Low starch, no starch…Really?

Did you know there are several types of starch? NSC’s is just the beginning. What we should be considering is the rate of digesting that NSC. That’s most of the problem, not the percentage, well when you are feeding your horse Gooseberry that is.

You see low starch, well you read your label, empty hulls. Empty hulls is zero food. If you ate a bowl of empty hulls how much time would it take you to digest, given you ate it on a daily basis?

What if your horse is IR, laminitic, foundering. Literally foundering? Certainly you can’t feed it grain…right?
Depends on what you are feeding. Straight grain, absolutely not! Empty hulls, absolutely not, hows that providing digestion education?

Back to the beginning of this blog. Have you ever heard of resistant starch? Yes. It is part of the NSC count. So literally resistant starch will by-pass the stomach and can be used as a hind gut fiber. How EXCITING is that?

Gooseberry’s Patented formulation provides just that. Not only are we protecting your horse against high percentages of NSC’s, we have patented a formulation to use the NSC’s in several areas of digestion.

So let’s break this new information down. I mean how does this work? I have never heard of this! Let’s say you have an NSC of 44% and the resistant starch portion of this percentage is 36% used as hind gut fiber. That leaves 8% as a NSC. That still doesn’t solve the problem.
Oh wait, yes that is a very low percentage of NSC. Then why does Inventor Dr. Deb say this is still an issue? Well, it has a lot to do with the rate of digestion of the remaining 8%.

We don’t want that 8% to remain stagnate in the blood stream causing havoc. This is just one part of the Gooseberry difference. The Patented formulation covers your horse in every area of digestion, not just NSC’s. Oh yes there is more to learn.

Veterinarian tested. Horses with severe founder, laminitis, IR, horses without issues, EPM, PPSM, significantly benefit from Patented Gooseberry. 98% of foundering horses stop foundering when switched to Gooseberry Natural Feed products. IR horses before and after blood work results significantly improved, most cases returned to normal blood levels when switched over completely to Gooseberry Natural Feed products.

Want to know more? Contact us 443 789 9943. We will connect you with a Gooseberry Team Member.

Thank you for reading my blog! Dr. Deb

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