Ever had your horse lose weight going in to winter? Have a hard keeper? Many times horses will lose weight going into winter from several causes:

1. Stomach irritation from less nutrient available from forage.

2. Is your feed sugar coated, filled with by-product?

3. Grass sugar content is higher when blades of grass are shorter. This can create more gas in       the stomach than normal and imbalance gut pH.

4. Some cases are none of the above and can be possible Lyme disease event. Usually we will       see horses with stiff necks, sudden loss of weight over the topline and haunches. (not diagnosing, prescribing or treating here)

5. Are you feeding the manufacturer required amounts? If not, then you are not providing the proper vitamin/mineral necessary for your horse.

These are just some of the possibilities as horse owners, we need to be aware of. Adding more feed to a horse’s diet that is losing weight,  is usually not the answer. Defining the problem and protecting the gut are your best bet.

Gooseberry Stomach Balance is very helpful for your horse in this situation. Gooseberry Natural feed Global products will help to balance the pH, fat, fiber and protein necessary for your horse!. Want a personal consult for your horse/herd with Dr. Deb? Visit or try our products http://www.gooseberrynaturalfeed.com  or call 443 789 9943 visit us on Facebook click the link below… 


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